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Winter School: 25.02.2013 - 01.03.2013

Phase stability and phase transitions in soft and hard materials
February 25th - March 1st 2013

Organized by

C. Dellago
G. Kahl
E. Kozeschnik
R. Podloucky
T. Schrefl
D. Suess




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The school provides the participants with the theoretical foundations, rooted in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, necessary to understand phase stability and phase transitions and teach them modern computer simulation algorithms. Introductory lectures, covering the basic subjects are complemented with advanced
lectures on current topics ranging from phase transitions in hard and soft matter to micromagnetic simulations. The methods presented in the lectures will be applied and practiced by the students in special exercise classes.

The school is geared towards graduate students of physics, chemistry and materials science, but postdoctoral researchers working in these fields can also benefit from attending the school.

The fee for the winterschool including accommodation, breakfast and dinner is EUR 500,-.

- - Work in progress! - -  Please check for updates reguarly.

Supported by: Vienna Computational Materials Laboratory (ViCoM)
With special thanks to: Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Vienna University of Technology, University of Vienna and DaCAM




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