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P12 Multiscale simulations of magnetic nanostructures

Magnets are key elements in modern society. Their application ranges from sensors in automotive and security applications to green technology where soft and hard magnets play a significant role in energy transfer and the emerging field of spintronics.

The main objective of this project is the simulation of magnetic devices and magnets based on rigorous simulations starting from the atomistic level in order to obtain the require parameter for the underlying continuous model. In order to bridge the length scale from atoms to dimensions of real sensors, we will develop reduced complexity models for magnetism, based on eigenmode analysis, and data spare approximations using low-rank tensors in cooperation with P06. These models will be used for the design of spintronic sensors and rare earth reduced permanent magnets, where the input parameters are obtained in cooperation with P02 and P09.

Another focus will be rare event switching in thermal driven magnetization dynamics. This will be used to design recording media for heat assisted magnetic recording, optimizing for reliable switching and high signal to noise ratios. A particular challenge will be to incorporate fast time varying properties such as fast heating due to the laser pulse, which we aim to solve with non-stationary forward flux sampling in cooperation with P13.

The work plan for the project is a logical continuation of the first funding period. In order to meet the above objectives, methods and techniques developed in P12 will be expanded.


Suess, Dieter

Principal Investigator, P12

Vienna University of Technology

Institute of Solid State Physics

Schrefl, Thomas

National Research Partner, P12

Danube University Krems

Center for Integrated Sensor Systems

Exl, Lukas

Participating Researcher, P06 & P12


Vienna University of Technology

Institute of Solid State Physics

Palmesi, Pietro

Participating Researcher, P12

Vienna University of Technology

Institute of Solid State Physics



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